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    "As someone who has been trading for nearly five years, and has spent significant amounts on training, I can say that my trading can be divided into "Pre-Créde" and "Post-Créde". The specificity of her work and the tools that she provides helped to transform my trading into the most consistent it has ever been.

    She covers a wide range of topics that can impact performance and helps to identify the crucial elements that need to be tackled first. The various methods that she uses to change behavior are not only clear but also highly effective. Given the mental aspect of trading is a huge piece of the puzzle, that most people don't give as much time to, I have to say that this was the best investment I've ever made in my trading." 

    J. PINHO
    Equities Day Trader

    "We were very fortunate that Créde joined our two firms, Peak Capital Trading and Bear Bull Traders, and using her expertise as a high performance coach and psychologist, developed a series of unique videos and techniques for our traders called "Mental Edge".

    The response from our members has been overwhelming. Her method for developing mental resilience and mind control for high performance trading is powerful and has absolutely added to the success of my own trading as well as those of the traders we are working with directly.

    We are blessed to have Créde as part of our team and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the coming years. We highly recommend her Mental Edge program to all traders and investors worldwide, regardless of their trading style."

    Trader, Proprietary Fund Manager of Peak Capital Trading, Investor and #1 Best-Selling Author

    "Since working with Créde, I’ve taken my mindset to a much stronger and clearer place. Her ability to breakdown the areas that I needed to improve and make changes in is fantastic. I’ve gained new tools from Crede to take my life and performance to levels I didn’t know I could. I’ve incorporated these tools into my daily routine and, by doing this consistently, I’ve seen huge results in a short period of time. I look forward to continuing working with Créde along my journey and really advise anyone who wants to reach for their maximum potential to work with her too."

    Professional Golfer