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"Créde helped me embrace my career change and affirm my position as a trader. I had gained the technical skills through an intensive training in the City, I was mentored by a senior trader but my performance was lacking confidence. I was told trading is 20% skills and 80% psychology and working with Créde for 3 months has certainly boosted my performance, my discipline and helped my consistency.

She has helped me understand some of my behaviours and help rectify them and re-wire. She has also given me a set of bespoke tools that I use every day in my professional and personal life. Her approach is soft but efficient, tailored made but widely applicable. I would recommend working with Crede to any traders either new to solidify their performance or not so new to review and improve theirs."

FX and Oil Trader

“After a particularly hectic period of managing multiple businesses and stresses at home, I was feeling exhausted and drained.  Créde helped me to rapidly identify why I was feeling overwhelmed and gave really useful  insights into the impact on both body and mind.  The combination of analytical coaching sessions and some really effective affirmation and visualisation exercises quickly restored balance to my thinking and approach to the various issues.   In a remarkably short space of time, Créde’s approach got me back to my normal high energy levels and clear thinking.”

Business Development Consultant & Chair of Ireland Portugal Business Network

“I really enjoyed working with Créde to clarify what I wanted to achieve in my sporting and academic life and to develop strategies to improve performance and efficiency in both. The combination of the structured plan we developed and Créde's actionable tips for dealing with high pressure environments led to huge performance increases and has shaped how I approach challenges since.” 

Student Athlete