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Gain a mental edge to maximise profit

When split-second decisions can make or break your career, your ability to handle pressure is the best asset in your portfolio.


Do you know exactly what you need to do to make profitable trades, but find yourself repeatedly getting in your own way? Being over-active in the market, revenge trading, ignoring limits or hesitating to take on risk because you are afraid to make a mistake? These are all ways that your mind and emotions can sabotage your trading process, even for the most technically-skilled trader.


Drawing on cutting-edge performance psychology and the mindset techniques of professional athletes, I coach you to free yourself from limiting beliefs and habits to fulfil your true potential. Take control of your psychological capital and gain a mental edge to become a consistently profitable trader.


Master your

Develop your mental edge and excel under pressure.


Bounce back quickly from setbacks and mistakes.

Free yourself from
limiting beliefs

Put an end to self-sabotage and destructive habits.

to perform

Bring consistency to your trading for maximum profit.


◊ One-to-one intensive coaching program

◊ Delivered online via video conferencing and available to clients across the globe

◊ Bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs

◊ Solutions for teams and organisations on request

Sport Total Performance

One-to-One Coaching
Intensive one-to-one coaching program for professional athletes who want to elevate every aspect of their performance and sustain peak performance on a long-term basis.
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Trading Total Performance

One-to-One Coaching
Intensive one-to-one coaching program for traders who want to elevate every aspect of their performance and build consistency on a long-term basis.
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Coaching For Teams & Organisations

One-to-one & group coaching
Bespoke solutions tailored to your organisation’s specific goals. Achieve lasting impact through one-to-one coaching, focused workshops and comprehensive performance programs.
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About Créde

Créde Sheehy-Kelly is a chartered High Performance Psychologist who works with world leaders in finance, business and professional sport. She has worked with high performance organisations across the globe from Peak Capital Trading in Canada, Mount Sinai Health System in New York, Red Bull High Performance in L.A. and the Z Zurich Foundation in Switzerland, to Zurich Insurance Australia, LinkedIn, Aldi, Oracle, Leinster Rugby and Rugby Players Ireland among others.


Créde is a leading expert in the science of mental training and combines this knowledge with an intuitive understanding of people to deliver world-class results for her clients.

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What Créde's clients say

"We were very fortunate that Créde joined our two firms, Peak Capital Trading and Bear Bull Traders, and using her expertise as a high performance coach and psychologist, developed a series of unique videos and techniques for our traders called "Mental Edge".

The response from our members has been overwhelming. Her method for developing mental resilience and mind control for high performance trading is powerful and has absolutely added to the success of my own trading as well as those of the traders we are working with directly.

We are blessed to have Créde as part of our team and I am looking forward to continuing to work with her in the coming years. We highly recommend her Mental Edge program to all traders and investors worldwide, regardless of their trading style."

"As someone who has been trading for nearly five years, and has spent significant amounts on training, I can say that my trading can be divided into "Pre-Créde" and "Post-Créde". The specificity of her work and the tools that she provides helped to transform my trading into the most consistent it has ever been.

She covers a wide range of topics that can impact performance and helps to identify the crucial elements that need to be tackled first. The various methods that she uses to change behavior are not only clear but also highly effective. Given the mental aspect of trading is a huge piece of the puzzle, that most people don't give as much time to, I have to say that this was the best investment I've ever made in my trading." 

“The work I have done and continue to do with Créde has become incredibly valuable to my overall performance. We have developed some concrete tools that really address some core issues I found very challenging. These tools are now part of my daily structure, where I find value and performance enhancement every time.”  

"Créde helped me embrace my career change and affirm my position as a trader. I had gained the technical skills through an intensive training in the City, I was mentored by a senior trader but my performance was lacking confidence. I was told trading is 20% skills and 80% psychology and working with Créde for 3 months has certainly boosted my performance, my discipline and helped my consistency.

She has helped me understand some of my behaviours and help rectify them and re-wire. She has also given me a set of bespoke tools that I use every day in my professional and personal life. Her approach is soft but efficient, tailored made but widely applicable. I would recommend working with Crede to any traders either new to solidify their performance or not so new to review and improve theirs."

Créde was instrumental in creating and delivering our one million euro Tackle Your Feelings mental wellbeing campaign in association with Zurich Insurance Ireland. Créde’s performance psychology expertise and program management skills were invaluable to the campaign’s success. She was pivotal in securing a further finance package of 3 million euros to continue developing the program over the next four years. I would absolutely recommend working with Créde on any projects focusing on mental conditioning.” 

"I have been working with Créde over a number of years to enhance my cycling performance. This year I completed the Mallorca 312, a 312 kilometre gruelling endurance cycling event. This was a lifetime ambition of mine. After two previously unsuccessful attempts I firmly believe that it was Créde's coaching, in particular a bespoke visualisation script we recorded to help me stay mentally focused, that made the difference in me achieving my goal. I would highly recommend Créde to anyone looking to reach peak performance". 
"Créde possesses a gift unique to any other performance psychologist I have dealt with. Her depth of perception and understanding sets her apart. She knows what’s going on in your head even though you can’t put it into words. When life off the field is proving to be a challenge, her grasp of every situation allows her to get you focused for big games. For me that plays a massive role in how I perform on the day.”    

"Since working with Créde, I’ve taken my mindset to a much stronger and clearer place. Her ability to breakdown the areas that I needed to improve and make changes in is fantastic. I’ve gained new tools from Crede to take my life and performance to levels I didn’t know I could. I’ve incorporated these tools into my daily routine and, by doing this consistently, I’ve seen huge results in a short period of time. I look forward to continuing working with Créde along my journey and really advise anyone who wants to reach for their maximum potential to work with her too."

"I felt that all the work that Créde did helped us in a massive way to obtain our goal and finally win the Championship for the first time in thirty years. Also during the same season we won the league for the first time in the sixty year history of St Kevin's Gaelic Football Club.​ I firmly believe it is no coincidence that the year Créde worked with the Senior Team, was also the most successful year in our history"​

"Before meeting Créde, I was struggling with training and performance. I knew what I wanted to achieve but I felt overwhelmed.  I was also completely neglecting the mental side of training, not believing how essential it was to achieving goals. Créde helped me to understand the importance of mental conditioning, to refocus and compartmentalise training and everyday tasks. This enabled me to block out distractions and focus on the task at hand. As a result, my self-belief and confidence really improved. Créde is professional, sound and has a great positive attitude."

“The coaching has been beyond invaluable. I have strengthened my own boundaries and developed strategies and mechanisms for dealing with everyday challenges. My work goals and objectives are being met but I am sticking to a 40-hour week religiously.  A real highlight of the coaching has been the confidence and accountability that Créde has helped me to develop in bringing a business plan to life. Créde really helped me to believe in myself and helped me to put the strategies and plans in place to move things forward.”


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