I offer coaching solutions for individuals, teams and organisations. From one-to-one personal coaching programs to comprehensive team programs, I create bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs. One-to-one coaching is delivered online via video conferencing and available to clients across the globe. Workshops and programs can be delivered both online and on-site.

One-to-One Coaching

Achieve lasting success on at the trading desk or on the pitch through one-to-one performance coaching.

Personalised coaching means you can overcome limiting beliefs and habits that have held you back for years. Together we address your specific challenges and co-create solutions that are tailored to you.

You will have full support and accountability throughout, for maximum results.

Performance psychology is a skill set you can learn. By the end of the program you will have the self-awareness, knowledge and tools to successfully problem-solve issues relating to mindset and emotional control in your own performance.

In this way the coaching continues to benefit you throughout your entire trading or athletic career.

One-to-One Coaching
Trading Total Performance

Intensive one-to-one coaching program for traders who want to elevate every aspect of their performance and build consistency on a long-term basis.


  • Understand how your mind and emotions impact your trading and learn how to take control of your ‘psychological capital’
  • Perform better under pressure
  • Develop a strong decision-making framework
  • Identify and transform limiting core beliefs that cause self-sabotage
  • Develop routines to optimise your preparation and review process
  • Become more disciplined & consistent in your trading performance
  • Put an end to destructive habits such as

Revenge trading

Ego trades

FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Staying in a trade too long 

Ignoring stops and loss limits

Being overactive in the market

Focusing on the P&L instead of your process

Being “gun shy” or too timid with taking on risk

Fear of making mistakes

One-to-One Coaching
Sport Total Performance

Intensive one-to-one coaching program for professional athletes who want to elevate every aspect of their performance and sustain peak performance on a long-term basis.


  • Master your mindset and gain a mental edge
  • Build unshakeable confidence in your ability
  • Deliver consistent performances across training and competition
  • Perform better under pressure and make more effective decisions
  • Bounce back quickly after setbacks and mistakes
  • Develop a mental training routine and integrate this with your preparation and review process
  • Turn performance nerves into motivational fuel
  • Learn how to consciously access the flow state
  • Identify and transform limiting core beliefs that hold you back
  • Focus on the process and let the outcome take care of itself
  • Cultivate balance and avoid burnout



Unleash the potential of your team or organisation with bespoke performance coaching.

First we seek to throughly understand your goals and challenges. We then collaborate to create a high-performance culture with every member of the team tapping into their personal potential and working cohesively as a unit. All coaching includes monitoring and evaluation of impact to truly transform potential into bottom-line results.

  • Improve your bottom line results
  • Boost resilience so your team thrives under pressure
  • Optimise motivation, productivity and effectiveness in your team
  • Create a high-performance culture based on trust, clear goals and accountability
  • Prioritise wellbeing and energy-management for sustained peak performance
Coaching Services
One-to-one coaching for individual team members to realise their full potential.
Bespoke workshops addressing aspects of peak performance most relevant to your organisation’s needs. Workshop duration from 1 hour to full-day seminars.
Comprehensive programs created from an in-depth review of your organisation’s goals and challenges. Bespoke solutions which include a combination of workshops, one-to-one performance coaching and strategic recommendations based on cutting-edge performance science.
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"Créde helped me embrace my career change and affirm my position as a trader. I had gained the technical skills through an intensive training in the City, I was mentored by a senior trader but my performance was lacking confidence. I was told trading is 20% skills and 80% psychology and working with Créde for 3 months has certainly boosted my performance, my discipline and helped my consistency.

She has helped me understand some of my behaviours and help rectify them and re-wire. She has also given me a set of bespoke tools that I use every day in my professional and personal life. Her approach is soft but efficient, tailored made but widely applicable. I would recommend working with Crede to any traders either new to solidify their performance or not so new to review and improve theirs."

FX and Oil Trader
“The work I have done and continue to do with Créde has become incredibly valuable to my overall performance. We have developed some concrete tools that really address some core issues I found very challenging. These tools are now part of my daily structure, where I find value and performance enhancement every time.”  
Commodities Trader
"Créde possesses a gift unique to any other performance psychologist I have dealt with. Her depth of perception and understanding sets her apart. She knows what’s going on in your head even though you can’t put it into words. When life off the field is proving to be a challenge, her grasp of every situation allows her to get you focused for big games. For me that plays a massive role in how I perform on the day.”    
Wexford Hurler

"Since working with Créde, I’ve taken my mindset to a much stronger and clearer place. Her ability to breakdown the areas that I needed to improve and make changes in is fantastic. I’ve gained new tools from Crede to take my life and performance to levels I didn’t know I could. I’ve incorporated these tools into my daily routine and, by doing this consistently, I’ve seen huge results in a short period of time. I look forward to continuing working with Créde along my journey and really advise anyone who wants to reach for their maximum potential to work with her too."

Professional Golfer

“The coaching has been beyond invaluable. I have strengthened my own boundaries and developed strategies and mechanisms for dealing with everyday challenges. My work goals and objectives are being met but I am sticking to a 40-hour week religiously.  A real highlight of the coaching has been the confidence and accountability that Créde has helped me to develop in bringing a business plan to life. Créde really helped me to believe in myself and helped me to put the strategies and plans in place to move things forward.”


“I really enjoyed working with Créde to clarify what I wanted to achieve in my sporting and academic life and to develop strategies to improve performance and efficiency in both. The combination of the structured plan we developed and Créde's actionable tips for dealing with high pressure environments led to huge performance increases and has shaped how I approach challenges since.” 

Student Athlete

"​We at Unislim were delighted to have Crede give a presentation to motivate our Unislim leaders at one of our training workshops. Her insight into the psychology of losing weight was really beneficial to our leaders and they really gained some invaluable guidance in which they implemented into their Unislim classes. Her presentation was enjoyed by everyone present, with leaders reporting how they found that her fresh and inspiring ideas really benefited their members."

Digital Media and Brand Communications Manager at Unislim

“After a particularly hectic period of managing multiple businesses and stresses at home, I was feeling exhausted and drained.  Créde helped me to rapidly identify why I was feeling overwhelmed and gave really useful  insights into the impact on both body and mind.  The combination of analytical coaching sessions and some really effective affirmation and visualisation exercises quickly restored balance to my thinking and approach to the various issues.   In a remarkably short space of time, Créde’s approach got me back to my normal high energy levels and clear thinking.”

Business Development Consultant & Chair of Ireland Portugal Business Network