Shining a spotlight on core limiting beliefs

By Créde Sheehy-Kelly, High Performance Psychologist
January 13th 2020

From the college student who leaves it to the last minute to write the essay, to the new year’s healthy eating resolution that crumbles at the first sight of leftover Christmas chocolates, we can all identify with this counter-intuitive state of internal conflict. We have goals and aspirations that we want to achieve but it’s almost as if a part of ourselves sabotages our efforts as quickly as we set our intention.

On a day-to-day level the consequences of this might be as trivial as exhaustion from pulling an all-nighter to meet the essay deadline or holding on to a few winter pounds on the scales. 

What happens though when the stakes are even higher? What are the consequences when we go into an interview for our dream job prepared to the hilt and then our mind goes blank as we struggle to coherently answer any questions? Or when the adrenaline and emotion takes over for a trader, who then loses thousands of euro in a single reckless episode of trying to ‘show the market what they are made of’?

This pattern of self-sabotage often stems from our ‘core limiting beliefs’. These are the subconscious beliefs that we form, often in childhood, that become so engrained in us that we are no longer even consciously aware that we believe them. Sometimes they are beliefs that we absorbed from our childhood environments that were never even truly ours to begin with.

These beliefs tend to be harsh and critical self-judgements and go something like this: “I am a failure of a human being if I make a mistake”, “I need to be successful/perfect in order to be loved”, “I will never be good enough”.

The self-sabotage occurs when our conscious goal – the weight-loss, securing the dream job, sticking to our trading process – is in conflict with our core limiting belief. Our conscious self is working to achieve our goal but our subconscious mind is putting the brakes on. Because our subconscious has the advantage of a lifetime of playing those beliefs on repeat, unfortunately the actions we end up taking are often prompted by our deeply held fears. 

We sabotage the diet. We forget everything we wanted to say in the interview. We let our emotions hijack our logical thinking and we take the risky trade.

Performance psychology coaching can help you to get to the root of performance challenges caused by core limiting beliefs. I can help you to identify specifically which beliefs are driving your actions and how they formed. By bringing these mind-gremlins into the light of your conscious awareness, we can then use practical strategies to help you re-program your mind at the deepest level.  With your beliefs and your goals in alignment, you are giving yourself the green light to succeed.